Based in london,uk triptych is a blog by chase marks. His chapters explore past memories, their cause and effect. leading to a solution in the present.


Imagine if you will that your mind was an empty stage. The lights come up, the performers start to appear and each one will play out a memory. Your memories. 

At the front of the stage the ensemble represent your most conscious of thoughts. The ones that speak to you the most. That's your internal monologue you hear in your day to day. Constantly feeding the highs and lows. Your wants and worries. 

Behind them at centre stage in the lime light are your key memories. The main events that have shaped your life. The leading roles that make up your very character. 

Right at the back in your sub conscious is your past. A little harder to see, but still part of this play. This moving picture which is your life. 

Every piece on this stage and in your mind is playing a part to make you who you are in the present. 

But when the lights come down and the show is over. Is it up to you to define what you saw,  how did it make you feel?  

Did one memory influence another ? And is there something to be learnt? 

But these are not just stories, this is your life as you remember it.

Chapter 1 - Then & Now